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  1. Hello, Here's my problem. I had my roxio working well on my old computer which was a really old laptop that was installed on a 32bits XP SP3. Now that I have my real computer, I thought like using it (for recording V footage mostly) But the problem is that when I plug everything, I startup the xbox etc.. I get the image of the xbox on the screen, but the software takes like 5mins to startup and then I don't get any image. I did put the input in the input, and the output in the output. I'm using HDMI, and it worked before. I'd really love to know if you had something to fix this, because I really need it right now.. - Software being laggy as hell - Not showing any image in the "capture" thingy. I thought that doing the update would fix anything, but it didn't.. Any help? :c Thanks in advance..