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    Burning Dvd In Toast 9, Video Is Grainy-Help

    I am using toast 9.0.7 on an IMac, running OS 10.8.4 I recently edited a few movies recorded using mini dv tapes & Sony VX2000 & PD170 camcorders. Footage looks great on my monitor, but upon burning a dvd, the playback is grainy, like watching an old VHS tape on LP. Length of dvds is between 90 & 105 minutes. whether I playback the dvds on a HD Plasma tv using a blueray player or an old tube tv in 4:3 and a decent quality regular dvd player, The picture looks grainy. In my Toast settings I use best quality, etc. Am I doing something wrong? I'm thinking of upgrading to Taost 11 or 11 pro, but first I have to get around this issue. Also can you burn a blue ray dvd even though you didn't shoot HD footage? Thank in advance fo rall replies.