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  1. Hi there I have used Roxio 2012 to create a DVD for DVD PAL Playback. I selected the option DVD in the movie creator, and then inserted various movie files into my project, with menus. (files inserted are mpeg2 format which have been captured from VHS) Once the movie project is burned to DVD-R disk, the movie plays back on one of my DVD players/tv's with sound and all is in order, however if I try to play the disk on my 3 other dvd players / tv's, there is sound for the "menu", but my movie files have no sound at all? What could be the reason for this? The dvd player where the sound does play, is connected directly to an old television set, whereas the DVD player where there is no sound is connected to a newer lcd television, which plays its sound through a hi-fi.. could this somehow affect sound playback? Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thank you kindly Mel
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    Vhs Capture - Picture "jumping" On Pal

    Hi there. Thank you for your reply. Capture Setup: PAL_B | Composite Connection | What are you using for an analogue to digital device? - EasyCap Capture Device How are you connecting? - Composite Cables - USB What software are you capturing with? - Roxio Creator 2012 What specific application, assuming it is Roxio? - Roxio Creator 2012 Has it ever worked? - No, this is the first time I am trying this with this software, and with this PC PC Information: Desktop PC. Intel Core i7 Ram: 8 Gig Windows 7 64 bit
  3. Hi there When I capture from my VHS machine (VCR) - with my settings on PAL - B (or any PAL mode), the picture being captured "jumps" and gets "stuck" a bit every few seconds, like a delay of sorts. At first I thought it may be the video machine, however if I change the settings to NTSC, the picture no longer jumps, and is extremely clear. The problem with using NTSC though, is that it then makes the picture black and white? PAL then returns it to color, but then i have the "jumping" problem. What could cause this? How can I stop my picture / video from jumping? thank you