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    Livestreaming Issue?

    I found that in XSplit if the video locks up, I have to right click on the video in xsplit and click a little refresh button. If there is something like that in your software, try that. I don't know why it does it, but it seems to happen randomly.
  2. Kardall

    Audio Issues With Livestreams

    I found that if I capture component from my digital box, going to HDMI Out on the Capture, the audio from the digital box is way lower than the digital HDMI audio. Perhaps that's the problem?
  3. Dual Male RCA Cable? Meaning a Y-Adapter? You can't do that with Component to Composite connections, completely different. You will need a RCA to (whatever) converter box. If you are doing multiple Component connections, I would suggest also purchasing a video switch so you don't have to unplug cables constantly. This will convert RCA to HDMI: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/agptek-rca-cvbs-composite-s-video-av-audio-r-l-to-hdtv-hdmi-output-converter-adapter/1306189406.p?id=mp1306189406&skuId=1306189406&st=hdmi%20to%20rca&cp=1&lp=1 What I would recommend, is getting an HDMI Converter box, because if you use HDMI _AND_ Component on the Capture Pro HD, it has issues when both are plugged in, and switching a lot etc... so make it easy and use one input. This means, you need everything to be going into an HDMI Switcher, and then all your devices/game consoles (N64/SNES/Nintendo/GameCube/Sega/etc) need to be converted from their respective signal types, to HDMI with that box. You might be able to get by with doing some crazy setup depending on how many devices of each type you are going to connect, but you can get creative after you figure out the absolute basics to hook everything up individually. NES = RCA SNES = RCA Sega = RCA So lets say you wanted to hook all 3 up, plus an HDMI device like your XBox 360 (Note that PS3 requires Component not HDMI for the Capture Pro HD). Lets start from the TV. HDMI from TV to Game Capture Pro HD HDMI Out HDMI From Game Capture Pro to HDMI Input to this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/5-port-hdmi-mini-splitter-switch-box-switcher-1080p-1-3-with-remote/1306925547.p?id=mp1306925547&skuId=1306925547&st=HDMI%20Switch&cp=1&lp=7 You now have 5 HDMI Inputs that you can use to connect devices, and push a button to flip between them. So lets hook up say 3 things. Xbox 360 HDMI to Port 1 N64 RCA Cables to this:http://www.bestbuy.com/site/agptek-rca-cvbs-composite-s-video-av-audio-r-l-to-hdtv-hdmi-output-converter-adapter/1306189406.p?id=mp1306189406&skuId=1306189406&st=hdmi%20to%20rca&cp=1&lp=1 Which then plugs into Port 2 with an HDMI Cable SNES RCA Cables to this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/agptek-rca-cvbs-composite-s-video-av-audio-r-l-to-hdtv-hdmi-output-converter-adapter/1306189406.p?id=mp1306189406&skuId=1306189406&st=hdmi%20to%20rca&cp=1&lp=1 Which then plugs into Port 3 with an HDMI Cable Any other questions?