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    Video Copy & Convert Audio Missing

    This clip has no sound in my WMM. It's a mixed bag. I recorded several episodes of Cosmos using the AVer device; some have sound in WMP and WMM, some do not. I also recorded last night's 60 Minutes and Good Wife on my iView, then transferred the recordings to my PC. Both recordings have sound in WMP and WMM. But an iView recording from last week did not have sound in WMP or WMM. Because the same issue occurs in 2 completely different recording devices, my hunch is that it's not the recorder. All these recordings, by the way, play back with sound in the original recording devices.
  2. ElCoyoteSurvives

    Video Copy & Convert Audio Missing

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1q79gsdqz9vuuni/20140412191506.mpg This is a 14-second clip I just recorded from local Fox channel using a AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX tuner device. It plays with sound in my Win Media Player, but with no sound in Video Copy & Convert (also no sound in Any Video Converter).
  3. ElCoyoteSurvives

    Video Copy & Convert Audio Missing

    Also ... Any Video Converter does not retain the sound. In fact, after opening the video, the Audio button is labeled 'No Audio' and the only other choice is 'Add Audio' (from a music file) . So, it appears the video's sound track is recognized by PLAYERS but not by EDITORS.
  4. ElCoyoteSurvives

    Video Copy & Convert Audio Missing

    Sorry I took so long to get back to this - lots of projects going. I recorded the video from TV, onto a flash drive using an iView PVR. Sound plays fine on the iView. When I copy the video from the flash drive to my PC hard drive, there is no sound on playback. Another way I record TV is with an AVer Media Volar Max USB stick in my PC. The same show records and plays back with sound. But if I use Roxio to trim the extra hour I accidentally got, I get no sound. I realize there may be copy protection on these shows - Cosmos and The Story of the Jews - but I expected to be prohibited from copying in the first place. Allowing copy but without sound is a new one on me. Is there something else going on? What I want to do is store these recordings on my PC, regardless of where the original recording was done. Also, I want to be able to trim the videos. Nothing fancy.
  5. ElCoyoteSurvives

    Video Copy & Convert Audio Missing

    I play a .MPG file in Win Media Player and it has video and sound. When I drag it into the Video Copy & Convert window and press the Play button, the video plays, but there is no sound. When I trim it to a new file, that file has no sound at all, even in Win Media Player. What am I missing?
  6. I am using Sound Editor to process a large number of WAV files, splitting each of them into several MP3 files. I would like the files to be created with this template for path and filename: <Artist>\<Title>.mp3 I can select the output folder, but I see no way to specify subfolder and filename. There is such an option in the CD Ripper module, but Sound Editor does not seem to honor that spec. So my files end up with this for names: <Artist>\<Album>\<Track#>_<Title>_<Artist>.mp3 It is a great chore to rename and move these files. Why can't I tell Sound Editor what I want instead of it deciding for me?