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  1. Well unfortunately because I suck with computers, according to the link you provided me with: 1. The adapter is plugged in 2. From what you said it doesn't meet the requirements, maybe the audio is because of that 3. Not Dell/Alienware 4. I've been trying to find out how to turn it off (if it isn't already off) but even with this guide I have been unable to even get to the bios to try to. Should I just try buying another Roxio? I can't see myself buying another laptop or processor just to work with the capture card.
  2. How would I go about recording the audio separate from the video but at the same time recording both? I don't have a problem overlaying them later but still. The sound issue only occurs once I start recording. Of course it never did this fresh out the box but as the months went by the issues with the capture card (standard) only got worse.
  3. So maybe recording the audio and video separately might help? And yeah the video doesn't skip, which is actually odd to me. It's only the audio issue. Also kinda figured about the storage space, why I just ended up getting a new laptop as the previous was full of flaws.
  4. I'm sure someone will probably say "do a google search" or "just compare it to the minimum requirements" but I am in no way, shape, or form a tech head and I have no idea what I'm even looking at when reading system properties. Processor: AMD-E1-6010 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics 1.35 Ghz Installed Memory(RAM): 4.00 GB (3.44 GB Usable) System Type: 64-Bit Operating System. x64 Based Processor The issue is that the audio cuts in and out while recording. Meaning as it's recording the audio completely cuts out for maybe a second. It wouldn't be THAT big an issue if it didn't happen so often. What's weird is that I've been having issues my with Roxio suddenly no mater what laptop I use it on. My previous laptop it worked fine for a whole year and then the audio kept getting distorted randomly and sped up through the video (which seems to be a very common problem by the way). Then it started to take forever to open the actual recording software. When trying to record normally it took a second or two to kick in but it would take maybe 10 or so seconds to start. I'm beginning to think it's the physical product.
  5. As stated in the title, I no longer have the Installation CD and the laptop I just bought did not come with an optical drive for me to put any DVD or CD in. I do however still have my product key, is there any way I could get sent an installation file?
  6. By split audio I mean the actual audio Line is it's own seperate thing. I've tried using the repair too (which seems to have made it worse) and reinstalling Roxio but nothing seems to change back to the default. Problems: Volume control is Roxio application is gone. I can only turn it on or mute it. Audio Line still plays (being it's own seperate application now) even when the application is closed. Meaning I can still hear game audio. When I choose to listen to my microphone in the settings, Roxio records that and echoes incredibly loud. If anyone can help me, that would be great.