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  1. I am reading all the NEGATIVE comments about Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. I have NOT purchased Roxio Easy VHS to DVD yet, but would like input. (tsantee) I have a iMac (mid-2011) with OSX Lion 10.7.5, with imovie '11 but no iDVD. The system requirements for Easy VHS to DVD state that I need OSX 10.4 or .5 or .6. It also says I need iMovie 08 or 09. Will my OS and iMovie work with the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac? Would I need to purchase additional software to burn my DVDs after I transfer the VHS tapes to my computer? I'd appreciate any candid help in deciding my purchase. I know if I phone Roxio (there doesn't seem to be much help offered by them) I will get nothing but positive comments. Thank you
  2. Thank you tsantee I have Roku for streaming and wifi via a local "satellite" company -- I live off grid in a town of 280 population-- anyway, I'd love to give my family DVDs of the VHS videos, plus I have others that I want to share. So I do need a way to burn DVDs after I transfer the vhs to my computer. I was looking at Toast. I gather Toast Basic isn't available any more? I appreciate your well-explained answers. I am not terribly techie.