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  1. Unfortunately I am not aware of Roxio until I went on google search looking for advise.
  2. When I connect scart to TV the video plays on TV but when I connect scart to laptop there is nothing !!
  3. The video Grabber is Honestech usb 2.0 The grabber is connected to a 3 to 3 AV cable but as there is only connection for two cables (audio L & R) on the back of the VCR i used a scart adaptor ( not sure if this is correct name). One side of adaptor plugs into scart 'out' on VCR & 3 to 3 AV cable is connected to other side of the adaptor. the following no. is stamped on the adaptor - VMC-91 . The adaptor contains 11 pins I hope this info is helpful and thank you for quick reply
  4. I have purchased a video grabber however my video recorder only has audio output at the back. There is a scart line out socket so I can connect the video grabber to this socket. Will this method work. I have tried this but no response. Can you advise please. Thanks