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    Usb Device Died

    For Christmas, I bought the kit with version 2.0.1 of the Roxio Video Capture software and the USB device UB315-E ver3. I've been using it to transfer my parents' old home videos to DVD. I came upon one where the tracking on the camera was really and truly messed up. There's about three minutes of talking at a family gathering with no picture -- and with tracking that's jumping all over the place. The problem was the camera -- The tracking finally does fix itself, and the last several minutes of the video are clear. Quite obviously when the tape was being recorded, nobody was aware of how bad the tracking and quality were. I thought that I should try to transfer the whole thing -- even if you can't see the people in most of the video, hearing them talk is entertaining enough and it's something I can add to the clear portion. I was working on transferring it, and noticed that the USB device was really speeding up the video by the time it got to iMovie -- which it has a tendency to do when the video is a bit messed up. I was getting to the piece of video that's clear, and all of the sudden, the screen was full of snowy lines with a flickering green/black bar on the right side of the screen. At first, I thought that the messed up tape had messed up my VCR. I did the nonworking VCR tricks, like head cleaning and fast-forwarding, then tried another tape. Still snowy lines. I took the VCR and all its video/audio cables to the TV where I hooked it up. And there the picture was fine. I'm guessing that my USB converter device went a bit crazy and shorted out -- or whatever USB devices do when they get overworked. My first thought was that I should just buy a new USB converter. I mean, that's what you do when the connection is bad, right? Except I had a hard time finding another Roxio one without the software. I searched for the USB device number on eBay, and there were none up for sale at the moment. When I put the USB device number into Google, this is the first thing that came up, so I bought it. It at least looks the same -- though I can find nothing in the metadata that tells me if it is. http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/creator/device/ My questions: 1) Is this likely to work? According to the product specs, this converter I bought is "Only compatible with Roxio Creator™ 2010, Roxio Creator™ 2010 Pro, Roxio Creator™ 2011 and Roxio Creator™ 2011 Pro, Roxio Creator™ 2012, Roxio Creator™ 2012 Pro, Creator NXT and Creator NXT Pro." The only Roxio software I have is Roxio Video Capture. 2) Is there a difference between the converters for Macs and PCs? The website where I bought this from doesn't tell me much -- except that Windows users can download drivers for it. 3) Is having the device burn out really that uncommon? I keep thinking maybe I'm not looking at the right place for the device only.... 4) Is there something else I should do/should have done to try to make my device work? I have done the regular "broken computer" things, like unplugging it, restarting the computer, letting it cool down, etc. to no avail. Thanks!