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  1. This is my 4th or 5th topic now and im getting sick of posting...i'm having so many problems with roxio editing software im gonna send it back if no one can help. RIGHT...my 5th problem is that when i cut the video (to edit parts out) once ive split it...the split section lags like hell and i cant even edit it to cut the rest because the second section is just lag...the audio is fine...but the video skips for the rest of the video...What the hell is going on?
  2. ThePyroManiac93

    I'm Beginning To Think Roxio Was A Waste Of Money...help?

    well thats not helpful meaning everyone i know is terrible with computers!
  3. ThePyroManiac93

    I'm Beginning To Think Roxio Was A Waste Of Money...help?

    I'm using a HP laptop but I don't know my specks for starters. I don't know anything about computers. I wouldn't know how to turn those off and I don't really understand what to do.
  4. ThePyroManiac93

    Help...video Quality Is Terrible...

    i figured it out myself, but ive posted another topic because im still having a lot of trouble with roxio
  5. (excuse my fail on the topic title, i was meant to put beginning) When I was editing a video the other day, every time I tried to move my audio just a little bit at a time so i could align it...it crashed and said not responding...i ended up closing the programme after waiting half an hour for it to unfreeze...so it takes even longer to edit a short video. Also when i was trying to edit a montage im working on, it keeps lagging and the little black bar that moves while playing, just stops and the video audio keeps playing but the video has froze...so i cant split anything or delete any bits because i dont know where ive got to delete and when i try and put the cursor on part and click play to see if that helps...its till lags and doesn't work....What's going on?! i'm so close to selling it
  6. ThePyroManiac93

    Help...video Quality Is Terrible...

    The video kicks in at around 1 minute btw
  7. ThePyroManiac93

    Help...video Quality Is Terrible...

    I recorded a gameplay using the roxio hd pro, and on the preview screen its always laggy and there are screen tears and coloured lines running through the video. when i go to edit it, it lags and glitches a lot, i thought it was just the laptop running slow, so i uploaded it to youtube anyway...the quality is 360p...yet i want it in hd and cant get it any higher that 480p which looks terrible, the glitches look terrible and i dont know how to fix it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb_NGqq5df0 Take a look at the video and if you guys can help me, id really appreciate that, its hard enough starting a gaming channel as it is...i could really do without the terrible quality Thanks.