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  1. Redwagon, I installed it on another w8 machine as a test and it worked fine. Have removed it from that machine since.
  2. Jim, nothing was missed. I did it again and same result.
  3. Jim, thanks for the instructions. I disagree with you on the comment never to run anything in compatibility mode, compatibility mode is very helpful in troubleshooting computer/program related issues. the full uninstall did not fix the issues. This seems to be related to windows 8 and the laptop hp probook 6470b I installed it on. It works fine on another workstation running windows 8. thanks for your assistance
  4. When clicking the the desktop shortcut to start Roxio Media Creator NXT2 Pro on a Windows 8 pc, the application starts to load and displays the splash screen, that lists all the modules that are loading. As soon as it gets to "Loading Roxio Media Creator NXT2 Pro", windows displays "Roxio Creaor has stopped working...." I have tried the following: 1) repair the installation 2) run as administrator 3) compatibility mode - windows 7 the program just crashed on load and there is no way to use roxio. Jan