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  1. I know it seems like I am expecting much from customer support, but I did file the support request On thursday, i was told I would be contacted within 24 hours, and still i have not heard word from them. I even called yesterday, and was told i would get a call in an hour. Again nothing. I havent dealt with a company that does this. I have dealt with many companies and this is my first time I experience this. I bought the unit directly from the Roxio Page. Well i used 3 different Usb cables. and 4 different computers. 2 laptops and 2 desktops (not outdated machines). Nothing. I brought the device to work today since we have very nice late model computers, and still nothing. I wish they could just have someone on the phone to say okay, we will ship you another one asap as I have heard before from other companies. Thanks Jim for the advice and the quick replies.
  2. Its a fairly fresh install. So it was easier no av , not a big believer in registry cleaners. So I went ahead and slipped the disc in and did the updates aandeverything they way you mentioned. Restarted the pc and plugged it in. Same thing. No signs of connectivity going on. And roxio support has not contacted me. Luckily I did buy it using pay pal so I have already started a dispute. If roxio does not step in, I will just demand a refund. Thanks for the help btw sir!
  3. That was my mistake on plugging it in first. But I always have the device manage open, and like I mentioned before nothing changed, The usual device added tone did not go off either. Thanks for the quick reply btw
  4. Okay so Yesterday I ordered the Game cap pro hd. I was excited so I spent the extra money for next day shipping. I come home from school today and there she is. Brand new game cap device I open the box get all the wires hooked up and finally plug in the Usb cable to the Usb port. Yes its a usb 2.0 port direct connect , not hub. Well nothing happens. No device found sounds. No little pop up nothing. I change cables and same issue. That was on my i7 windows 7 desktop. Frustrated I get out my school laptop and plug it in. Also running windows 7. And again no device found jingle or anything. At this point I am extremely frustrated. I already filed a report with roxio since i did manage to register the software, oh yeah thats all i could do register the software. I might just cancel or retract payment since I did pay with pay pal. And send back the device at their cost. I am not willing to pay to return something defective. And the fact that I spent the extra 17-20 $ on next day shipping. Anyone have had this issue? Only thing i see going on is I do get video from ps3 to tv with wires connected to the Game cap Once usb is plugged in the blue purpleish light turns on. But that is all Device manager does not even twitch. Please help ... tHANKS