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    Nxt Says No Disk Inserted

    I have a new HP ENVY laptop and I get the same error. Drive is empty, capacity of current disc: 0 Windows 8 Pro. The drive reads fine, and I can write to it from Windows Explorer.
  2. I have a new HP Envy laptop with an I7 processor, 16gb ram, Windows 8. Roxio NXT Pro 2 just purchased. I have the same problem with MyDVD not recognizing a disk when it is in the blue ray burner. I have tried Memorex DVD-R and Memorex BD-R. The burner is a HP BD MLT UJ262 1.00 Windows recognizes the drive and I can write files to it from Windows Explorer. Suggestions? This seems to point to the Roxio software.
  3. TimboGee

    Blue Ray Encoding Error

    That's the problem. There is no error. It just sits at "encode movies, 0%" and does nothing else. WHen I do a standard DVD, I can see the frames whizzing by as the progress bar shows it encoding. In the case of a blue ray, I get nothing.
  4. I have a new HP laptop, ENVY Intel I7 processor, 16GB memory, and it runs like a top. My Roxio NXT Pro 2 encodes standard definition iso images just fine from AVCHD HD video files. When I go to burn a blue ray image, it "Opens Project" then goes to "Encode Movies" and sits at 0%. This error is repeatable from different video compositions. After I do a standard def encoding, then change the project type to Blue Ray, it gives me the error. Any idea what could be causing it? The standard def encoding on my laptop takes only 20 minutes to complete. Blue ray tanks every time. I have had no luck with Blue Rays. I can't even burn direct to a disk. I am running Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 (Build 150B05D)