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    Compatability Cs5 And Applian Suites

    Thanks for the response. I use the applian suite for: capture streaming video/audio, recording skype calls, convert video formats, video encryption. If I can accomplish the same functionality in 2012 Pro, I'd favor that. What I was concerned about was that the possibility of conflicts in codecs by having both suites (Applian and Roxio on the same machine. I'm gearing up a new computer and would like to try 2012 Pro on it. Overall I've been very happy with Roxio dating back to creator 5! I'm currently using Creator 9,Creator 2009 and Creator 2010 on three computers.
  2. Are there any observed compatability issues with 2012 Pro and CS5 (photoshop) or Applian Video suite software? Thanks.
  3. So I have Videowave project (created in Creator 9) that I like to install on my wife's ipad2. So I thought, just output the project to MPEG-2, for DVD best, then use that resulting file as input to Creator 2009's Video Copy and Convert to write a MPEG-4 file. Easy Right? But for some reason the Ipad won't accept the Creator 2009 MPEG-4 file. So I tried using a source file that was not from videowave (specifically an eight year old mpg file from a digital camera, thinking that it might predate MPEG-4). Tried using that with Creator 2009 Video Copy and Convert to MPEG-4 and it worked just fine. Is there some trick to getting a videowave project outputted to an Ipad2 acceptable format? Most critically, can it be done with Creator 2009? Thanks for your help
  4. Right again, I hadn't thought about zooming and other things that might require higher source resolution. That's why you guys are the gurus, helping novices like myself stay on track. Thanks for all the input!
  5. My fault Walt, I misinterpreted your statement above.... So my rule of thumb should be, where ever possible try to get photos, scans, videos in 720x480, anything above that is a waste of effort if the final output is intended to be standard DVD. Steve, I will definately check out the link on display resolution. Thanks again for all your help,
  6. Jim: I'm attempting to learn as I go. I have had good sucess with inserting mpgs into PP. If I remember correctly I imported a video_ts into VW, edited to the little snippet that I needed (about 10 sec.) and output to a Mpeg. I then inserted the mpeg into a powerpoint production. The powerpoint was played (via computer) to a projector and was shown on a 15 foot by 10 foot screen. I was very pleased with the result. (of course it was a "moving" picture so the edges of an object were not stationary like those of a text character are, consequently hard to take a really critical view). You bring up a element that I have glossed over, that of the projection quality of the projector, and how that works with the capabilities of the graphics card in the computer and the quality of the source image. I fear this may result in my head blowing up! I'm still pondering how the same photo taken at two different resolutions (240x160, and 3900x2600) will look the same in a DVD at 720x480. If that's the case then I should not take photos at greater than 800x600 for use in standard DVD's. Is that a correct conclusion, that I wouldn't use anymore than a 1 Meg camera? Thanks again, really appreciate your (and the rest of the guy's) insights.
  7. Here are the Cineplayer captures
  8. Hi Guys, Really... thanks for the help! I've been operating on the mistaken belief that the quality of the source DID matter ! But Walt's comment: " The resolution of the source image doesn't matter, the final resolution on a standard DVD will be 720x480. It doesn't matter if the source is 320x240 or 4000x3000.", changes that notion. Jim, I did what Steve had suggested, that is created a powerpoint slide, save it as a jpg (also tried tif) then placed that image (960x720) into a VW production along side of a VW Color panel with an internal track of the same text (font etc). From that VW production I was able to compare the quality of the two "sources" in the final DVD. The conclusion I came to was that their was no significant improvement with the powerpoint image. In fact, the powerpoint panel didn't look quite as good as the VW panel. All other things being equal, this would support the notion that the resolution of the source does not matter. Jim, Thanks for the quidance on Cineplayer. I'll grab a capture this afternoon. Thanks for your patience with the newbie!
  9. I'm not sure what exactly you are referring to as to the "why". I guess I'm missing the point somewhere. What I believe he said was : "The resolution of the preview in VideoWave is lower resolution. If you are making a standard DVD, then the image is 720 by 480." Obviously when I make a color panel with internal text tracks the only thing I see is the 'VW preview' panel. I have no clue what the resolution of that panel is. Do you know what the resolution might be? I thought that Sknis's suggestion to make a jpg image of a powerpoint panel and insert that into the VW production was a good idea. At least I would know what the resolution was of the original "photo". The natural resolution of the powerpoint generated image is 960x720. Yes, I am trying to make a standard DVD. I guess what I'm looking for is some suggestions about fonts or character outlines or some other techniques that users have found to work well, giving sharp, crisp characters within VW. Perhaps the contrast between the character color and the panel color? You guys know soooo much more about what can and can't be done with VW than I, that's why I ask. Just trying to learn to be a better user. Thanks for the time,
  10. Hi Sknis, I haven't figured out how to capture from CineMagic yet, but will work on it. In the meanwhile what I did do was create three powerpoint slides and saved them as jpgs. Then using Videowave, created the same slide with text added to internal tracks and then added the powerpoint jpgs. Saved the resultant VW production and used it in MyDVD to create a DVD. Playing the DVD the powerpoint versions looked just as bad as the VW panels. If I use a wall projector to display the powerpoint (from powerpoint) the fonts are crisp and clear. If I project the DVD from MyDVD, they look fussy, shadowly and the color intensity is not uniform within the character. I'm wondering if this is the impact of encoding. (Obviously the powerpoint shows do not envolve any encoding). What are your thoughts?
  11. When making a videowave production, I add a color panel with internal text to introduce the next series of stills or video. Generally I've been disappointed in the clarity of the text when subsequently displayed on large screen. The edges of the characters seem pixelated. Fonts are much cleaner/clearer using powerpoint for example. Is there some trick to improving the resolution and or dpi of internal track VW panels? At some in the past I had the impression that color panels (and the text contained) were fairly low resolution. Thanks
  12. HappyBob

    Archiving Vw Projects (For Later Editing)

    Ok, glad that you clarified that for me. Actually much easier to do it the way you suggest, because it can be done in VW with output. Again, appreciate the wisdom of the gurus!
  13. HappyBob

    Archiving Vw Projects (For Later Editing)

    Hi Jim and thanks, Did you mean to attach (or link to) some tricks???? I think I see that in creator 2009 I can add a folder set to a VW production, but it's not apparent that I can bring in a .iso. Is there another trick involved with that? I interpret you statement that an iso or folder would be the preferred archive form (iso to make future copies) and folder set for future editing and inclusion into new VW. Or have I misunderstood? Thanks so much for the guidance, I can't begin to tell you guys how much it's appreciated. bob
  14. For purposes of future editing (and reuse in other productions) I know that I can export a VW project to a video file. It seems that I can also (in MyDVD) create a folder set that can then be later imported into VW. Is there a preferred approach? Is there a preferred videofile format (to allow later editing and reuse)?
  15. HappyBob

    Invalid Files Error in Videowave

    Hi, I've been at this now for 9 hours and tink that I've finally stumbled on the solution. I am not using IE9 or beta, and did update the video driver (thanks for the link), and reinstalled DirectX 9.0c, all to no avail -- no joy. I followed the complete uninstall process religiously, but did add some to the process: after finding files/folders as described I did a search for any file\folder with Roxio or Sonic or Creator2009. I actually did find some so deleted them as well, emptied the recycle again and after I was sure there were no files left, then I went on to the registry edit. The other thing I did was delete Microsoft Net frame 3.5 SP1 and renamed dsetup.dll (in C:\windows\system32. I'm running Norton 360 v4, so disabled that via the several settings controls in the Norton software. Restarted and tried again -- no success... was I bummed! By the way, it sems that it takes Creator 2009 almost 20 minutes to remove. It also takes about 36 minutes to install. Is this typical??? Where I finally succeeded was repeating all the above steps, but also uninstalling Norton 360 v4 COMPLETELY. Symantec has a removal tool that is downloadable, as the Control panel remove technique doesn't complete the job. It seems from the Norton Community forum that the only way to completely stop Norton's activities is to completely uninstall. There is no complete "stop" available to the user. After all this, installed Creator 2009 successfully! All I can say is that the Creator software install apparently is very sensitive. And that would be OK, were it not for the NORTON software being insensitive to the needs of the user who, on occasion, need to turn all the Norton services off.