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    Problem With Bluray From Toast 10...

    So... I am trying to burn a single TV show onto a BluRay disc. The encoding is in h.264, as I get the infamous error if I try with Apple ProRes encoding (error: -18771). I did however get Toast to encode when I exported again in h.264. So, now I've got it finished, and was going to play the disc. First player: - Video: Is lagging at intervals of every 1-2 seconds. Almost as if the player has problems keeping up with the bitrate. - Audio: Completely fine... Second player: - Video: Completely fine... - Audio is out of synch and wont start until it's about 2 min into the video. I have burned and tested in different bitrates. from 10 Mbit to 20 Mbit. I have tested everything from .mov to .mp4. I have tested different codecs (most of wich I have no way of remembering all. I have tested 1080p25 and 1080i50, even down to 720p25. And it just will not synch. And I have found no faults with the original source file at all... As far as I can find, there is alot of errors with the BluRay and HDTV plugin to Toast (and it even seems to have a long history), so I am wondering, should we look for another software solution than Roxio Toast where I work? Any relevant feedback is appreciated.