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  1. Absolutely it helped. It has taken me a few days to get back to this but as soon as I did what you suggested I was able to hear the audio and accurately place the chapter markers. Thank you. I would like to change the names of the chapters to the song name each chapter represents. Can't seem to do this. Is it possible? If I have to I will bring each song in individually and entitle it as a way of naming it. Would that work? I appreciate your answers as I see a lot of them in this forum. I wish everything was not such a mystery. Even the things that are usually intuitive don't work right. Thanks again.
  2. I'm glad to be here because Roxio/Corel doesn't seem very helpful. I've created a project in fcpx consisting of 13 clips (intro, 11 songs, credits). I've sent it to compressor then brought it into toast ll with the blu ray plug in. I've done this a few different ways (tried whole project with chapter markers and tried individual clips with titles) following a lot of people's suggestions and tutorial instruction but I cannot hear the audio in toast playback to help me place chapter markers and the chapter markers/titles I thought I could import are not correctly placed. (The audio is fine on the blu ray disc I made.) Can anyone give me a workflow for this? My media out of compressor is h.264 and ac3. I can produce a great blu ray right out of fcpx but I want a better menu. I thought I could get there with toast. Thanks in advance.