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    Creator 2010 Does Not "see" External Dvd Drive

    So this is what I have done so far:- 1. Followed the instructions in the post #6 - received the "successfully installed screen" - rebooted the system - Creator still does not see the external optical drive. 2. Repeated step 1 above "just in case" - with the same result. 3. Completely uninstalled creator 2010 from the notebook, then reinstalled from the original disc using the optical drive that Creator cannot see - Creator still can't see the optical drive. 4. Repeated step 1 above - Creator still cannot see the optical drive. What next?
  2. I have Creator 2010 on my notebook, running Windows 7. I recently purchased a Transcend Portable CD/DVD drive. The drive is "plug and play" and was immediately "seen" by Windows Media Player, Nero 10 and other CD/DVD related software, but not by Creator 2010. How do I convince Creator 2010 that the new external drive exists?