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    What Epson Does The Latest Solution To Support

    It is a pity. I could not find that one to work with my printer. It may have by the look of that printer that you have it looks like the DVD part/tray could be in the same position. Pity we did not catch up before Saturday 19 August 2013 and there is no way we are allowed to send e-mails to each other as you may been able to solve my problems as I need the offsets for this type of printer. I am in Dunedin, New Zealand
  2. Analogue to Digital

    What Epson Does The Latest Solution To Support

    What I do have a lot of printing onto disks. I run a small home-based business converting analog to digital video tapes to DVD records to CD slides and negatives to computer files etc
  3. Analogue to Digital

    What Epson Does The Latest Solution To Support

    The printer is the Epson 1430 as deftly not listed in the latest version as after putting this posting up. I contacted the support people and they could not even tell me what the listings are and told me to download and by the online version to try out. I did this and did not work. Back in 2010. I got the information from someone on here how to run the HP printer which worked perfectly. I have someone coming tomorrow morning Saturday, 19 October 2013 to help me sort this problem out i.e. thinks he will be able to the main problem I can see as I did not see any measurements for the offset so it is going to be had in mass to find the settings for this printer. If I was able to access see information in the printer driver for this printer which this person may be able to be would be able to get be exact layout of the A4 page to be able to see where it is, it is going to be slightly tricky to see me information. I will keep people informed and if I do get it working. I will upload it because it was several printers using the same method which they had bought out over the years, which uses a tray not like 730, which had a tray built into it and when you pushed a button and it came out. Even then I use a different riper than what was really listed the driver that I used for that model was the 960 driver to line up on my printer but I appreciate you replying Michelle
  4. Analogue to Digital

    The Way You're Treated By Roxio Support

    Recently I have purchased a Epson 1430 printer after discovering it did not work Roxio I contacted Roxio support they couldn't even tell me what printers via software supported. They suggested that I downloaded the latest version and try out. I did this and as soon as I looked at the supported drivers/printers for printing DVDs I could see it was not suitable, even after I told the support people on e-mail after they told me that they wanted to connect to my computer that I had taken off the latest version because it did not work. They asked me did I have the latest version installed then I asked him has he ever used to be DVD printing part and I never received an answer back. I said all so Roxio should keep up to date, even with the brand that day support of printers as I said, not answer. I am hoping to get the problem solved by having a programmer do some alterations for me tomorrow Saturday, 19 August 2013. If I do get up and running. I will upload the information for anyone our sewers running Epson 1430 or one of the Epson which uses this method. The reason for buying this printer was to replace the 750 model which also do not have support listed but was able to use at 930 driver/layout to use it with Roxio I wished they would keep their drivers up-to-date. For the latest models as well as the older models. I don't think these people at the help desk even understand how the program works and I think us users know more about it than they support people do because they don't use it. I am hoping this may help someone and I just wished. This would be picked up by Roxio management to see how people are treated. I have gone back to version 2010 and I'm sure this program will be able to fix it/hoping to they will be able to
  5. Hello I'm trying to find out what the latest version supports as far as printers for using to print to disk. Thank you