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  1. Hi, firstly I know windows 10 is a technical preview and is filled with bugs and that the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro might not be compatible with it however I am wondering if anyone here knows of a way to fox my problem. I have tried recording off my PS3 using both Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 of roxio but i seem to be getting two different problems. With version 1.0 if i try to record it will begin recording and instantly create a corrupt file which if you try and preview says it cannot be found however says it is capturing (timer and file size don't change). With version 2.0 when i try to record it will say recording however no file is created and the screen will remain blank however when i stop recording the preview will appear working as normal, also once i stop recording no file is created and the timer and file size don't change same as in version 1.0. If anyone knows of a way to fix this it would be greatly appreciated however if it is yet to receive an update to be supported then i will just wait until official windows 10 release.
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    Roxio Hd Pro Not Displaying On Monitor

    thanks, still no idea however :L
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    Roxio Hd Pro Not Displaying On Monitor

    I had posted a thread before however i can no longer find it, I have got my Roxio set up from my PS3 to my PC monitor, it shows up on the software with signal however it does not display on my monitor, my connection goes PS3> Component Cable > Roxio > HDMI > HDMI to DVI Adapter > Monitor. If anyone knows how I can get this working I will be grateful, I know someone has got his working however he hasn't yet replied to me.
  4. I am wondering if it is possible for me to get my Game Recorder to work with my monitor, i have managed to get it to show on the software itself however i when ever i seem to get anything on my monitor it says no signal, anyone able to help me here?