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    Need Help!

    It is still laggy
  2. Skrill3x24

    Need Help!

    Ok so I want to live stream with my roxio hd pro. I use xsplit. Ok so I have a webcam also installed. When I go to live stream, my webcams video is all in sync and everything is smooth. But my roxio is not, it is all choppy and the audio will be almost a minute ahead of the video itself. I really am clueless on what the issue is. Somebody please help me.
  3. Skrill3x24

    Huge Problem I Cant Seem To Fix.

    The desktop I have now didn't have the parts it has now. It had athlon 64 x2 3800+, integrated graphics and 1gb of ram and it recorded just fine at 720p at 15000. I'm using the original hdmi cable I used when I tested the desktop back when it had the lower parts. So I guess my hdmi cable is the key to everything
  4. Skrill3x24

    Huge Problem I Cant Seem To Fix.

    Ok I changed my hdmi cable and now everything works fine? And also looks better on my tv. I guess I must of had a crappy hdmi cable
  5. Skrill3x24

    Huge Problem I Cant Seem To Fix.

    No luck... I don't understand cause I recorded at 720p at 15000 on a way worse laptop. This desktop is 2x better than that laptop. I know I'm not over heat overheating because my temps are around 55 which are perfectly fine.
  6. Skrill3x24

    Huge Problem I Cant Seem To Fix.

    OK so when I record a video, its fine for about 10 seconds. Then the video starts to drop fps and look choppy, the audio is also ahead of it. For example if I shoot its about 3 seconds ahead of the video. I don' think its my specs as they are fairly decent enough to capture. My specs are : Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.9GHZ Radeon HD 6570 1GB 4GB of RAM 40GB available free space