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  1. I have tried everything to get my tivo to go software working on my retnia MacBook Pro and no luck the tivo to go software will not see my tivo. I have home sharing on enabled remote control ect... The tivo iphone app works fine. I just went out and bought toast ONLY for the tivo software what a disappointment tivo needs to make there own software and ditch roxio! I would rather pay 50$ To tivo for the 1 piece of working software I need. I want my money back or a solution
  2. My tivo romaio pro is plugged in via ethernet, I have cat 6 run threw my house so I don't use wireless unless I have to and I just went and bought roxio last week ONLY for tivo transfer and it is not seeing my dvr either this makes me mad. I wish I would have bought it off the roxio website for I could get my money back.