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  1. Dale Snail

    Is There A Cache Folder?

    Nah I just moved the files which I had exported to another hard drive, not the files that were captured.
  2. Dale Snail

    Is There A Cache Folder?

    {{{FOOTNOTE}} Hypothetically speaking if one was to accidentally create two of the same post in this forum and want to delete one of them so as not to look like an idiot to future users atop of their already quite basic and obvious problem which they have admitted to having, would it be possible for them to delete said post? Just out of interest
  3. Dale Snail

    Is There A Cache Folder?

    Haha sorry, my curiosity got the better of me. Yes! That's what I was looking for! It's embarrassing because it seems so simple now, but somehow I've overlooked that folder and that preference setting. It's currently 60GB of unnecessary hard drive space! Thanks so much Jim. Now I can click the solved button and actually mean it! [Oh and thanks for the CCleaner suggestion from the other two posters, I've been neglecting my computer maintenance responsibilities recently, I suppose it's a good thing to keep in check ]
  4. Dale Snail

    Is There A Cache Folder?

    Hi there I bought VHS to DVD PLUS 3 recently and after a few initial problems, mostly the program crashing when I tried to export something more than once which always brought along a rather strange error message, I have gotten it to work okay and have managed to record a few old VHS tapes and export them onto my hard drive, which is my preferred method rather than recording straight to DVD. I have to say that it has turned into a really useful product and I have no regrets buying it, but I have noticed that my hard drive space has been slowly fulling up. As I don't use this computer for anything else, it got me suspicious that it might be this program that is filling up the hard drive. I moved the exported files to an external hard drive yet my on board space seemed to slowly get less and less even though I was moving the finished exported video to another storage place. I have had a problem like this with editing software before where it stored the rendered video in a folder and didn't delete it automatically. I am wondering whether this program may have some sort of cache folder where the recorded video is temporarily stored before it is exported to another format (something I assume it has, but I cannot find it on my PC) and if anyone can tell me where it is located? I searched on the forums to see if anyone else had this problem, but couldn't find anything, which leads me to think that it is either perhaps just my PC that doesn't want to delete those cached files for some reason, or maybe it is a different problem entirely. If anyone can help me on this issue, it will be much appreciated.