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  1. Xenobia144

    Update Coming Soon.

    Nice to see my constant pestering of them actually got stuff sorted in the end
  2. Xenobia144

    Livestreaming Problems

    Remember, a workaround that only works for some users is not a fix. It is good that some people can finally stream, but the vast majority still cannot. I have a high-end system, and the OBS solution does not work for me, nor does the XSplit solution, even if I change my GFX card's render settings.
  3. Xenobia144

    Livestreaming Problems

    Watch out mate, I had a moderator suspend me for making a similar post (after accusing myself of telling lies about this problem, and then lying himself, before deleting the offending posts. It was quite hypocritical to say the least). These are the "support" forums for Roxio products (according to several links on their website), however according to the mods it is a users forum. That means most of the mods have never used this card before, but have used many other Roxio products over the years, and right now are caught between a rock and a hard place with all our complaints since we have been directed here. I went via the support route with a spare CD key I had, and they said to use OBS, which is a true croc of **** for the same reasons you stated, plus using OBS does not work with all graphics cards (some just show a blank screen or a test pattern of colour bars). However after continual posts on their Facebook page and Twitter they have finally acknowledged the problem. They have said they are liaising with Twitch, however I have tweeted Twitch Support to see if that is actually the case. Either way, this seems to be getting resolved finally (after a little persistent posting by myself on their social media accounts), but at the same time I would advise you to get in touch with them via social media and keep up the pressure, as until there is confirmation that a patch has been made or that they have contacted Twitch then they could just be saying that to fob us off, after all it took multiple messages and posts from myself for them to stop ignoring the problem.
  4. Xenobia144

    My New Youtube! :d

    Is any of this footage live streamed rather than recorded? As it seems a lot of people are unable to actually live-stream right now.
  5. Xenobia144

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    I think it is clear that the exact problem described is a widespread one. If anyone has very recently registered their product (within the past 14 days) then use your one-time free Roxio support to tell them about this exact issue, give them as much information as possible, and also be sure to give them the link to this topic on their forum and mention that this started on December 12th and it is a widespread problem. They are not going to patch anything (or work with Twitch to sort some kind of fix on their end) unless we all make a lot of noise about it.
  6. Xenobia144

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Another update: I think I have found what the exact problem is. Looking at the update log for the Hauppauge DVR 2 GE I saw the following: "Fixes a problem streaming with Twitch which started Dec 12 due to a change to the Flash player". I believe it is no coincidence that Hauppauge had to make a bug-fix for an issue that commenced on the same day that we all here started having issues with streaming. As such it looks like the problem is with an update to Twitch.TV's backend for the Flash player, and that Roxio will have to patch it if we are to continue using the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to stream to Twitch.
  7. Xenobia144

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Update: Since the person at this link (http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/questions/4740253-twitch-is-saving-videos-but-not-actually-streaming-them) did not actually think to tell Twitch.TV what capture card was causing the problem,(nor did they reply to the Twitch staff member's question in reply to them), I have done so in a reply to the thread. Given the information the original poster gave them (i.e. not stating what card they were using, nor stating that it is a widespread problem), I have taken the liberty to do so in my reply. With any luck my reply will be approved by the moderator and we can finally get this mess cleared up.
  8. Xenobia144

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Indeedy, it is advertised as being able to stream to Twitch, so it should be able to do so. It seems that Roxio AND Twitch need to work together to fix this problem, as it seems to be very widespread, and affecting most owners of this particular capture card. Is there any solid official word on whether this is happening (or if Roxio are indeed developing a patch) outside of rumours and hearsay?
  9. Hiya, I had similar issues after having upgraded from Win 8, what I did to solve the problem was as follows: 1) Uninstall Roxio Game Capture Pro HD device in Device Manager. 2) Unplug the device from USB. 3) Plug it back in again, 4) Right-click on the new device that appears in Device Manager called "TRANSCODER" 5) Select "Update Driver Software" 6) Select "Browse my computer for driver software". 7) Select the folder where you installed the Roxio Game Capture Pro HD software (and be sure to click the tick-box that says "Include all subfolders". Windows should then locate the drivers properly and install them. Bear in mind I had already installed Roxio Game Capture software before upgrading from Win 8 to Win 8.1, so if yours is fresh out of the box then you might want to install that software first, and then install the driver from the location (as described above). Good luck, and let us know if this works for you, as there may be others who are in a similar situation to yourself or myself