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    Copy Cd

    Thanks for your help.
  2. operaboy1

    Copy Cd

    Only one disc, and it's 82:32.
  3. operaboy1

    Copy Cd

    The CD came with a magazine. It is Verdi's Requiem Mass. Recorded in 1988.
  4. operaboy1

    Copy Cd

    I may have placed my question in the wrong category. I have Easy Media Creator 9. The CD is 82:32 minutes. When I made the temp copy, it said it was 726 MB. When I put in a 700MB blank CD, a screen pops up saying it's too much info for that blank CD.
  5. operaboy1

    Copy Cd

    I have Roxio Creator DE. I'm trying to copy an old music CD that apparently is 726 MB. All the blank CD's I can find are 700MB. How can I make a copy of it?