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  1. Yep, I did all that before I posted. I had read your procedure and did it as I mentioned above in my first post. I'm just going to try to return it now. Thanks for your suggestions, but like many others have noticed in this forum, this product just doesn't work reliably.
  2. I ran with MacAfee on for a few weeks. Not sure why it would fail now. As I mentioned below I did the tests and repair with MacAfee disabled and that didn't help. I'll try reinstalling the software and loading it again. It's worth a shot.
  3. Nothing unfortunately. No added programs, no system restores. The last change to the system was the adding of the Roxio Easy VHS software, successful running for a week and the repairs I did to fix Roxio. I just did a full scan (I also do partial scans) and no problem were reported by MacAffe Livesafe (which has up to date signatures) Any other place I can look?
  4. Hi. I have a Windows 8, Dell XPS Intel i7 3.4 Ghz cpu and 8 G of mem. I installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 a few weeks ago and it ran great. I recorded 7 VHS tapes and dumped them to disk for later editing, I tried to record the 8th and the recorder stopped functioning. The record input edit screen would show the video moving and the sound would be ok, and then I hit record and the video would freeze, then the audio would go out, then the audio would go on without the video, then the screen would go green and then the audio would go off. I've used different tapes so it is not the tape. Every time I restart the program it displays the tape running at a different spot to so I know it not the tape or the VHS recorder. I read the suggestions and did the turn off the firewall, anti virus, unplug the usb, reboot, repair, reboot, startup the program and plug the usb back in in multiple variations and it always fails the same way. Any suggestions?