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    Create Disc Image Using Bdmv Folder / Avchd

    Ha! Figured it out! The problem was I was trying to save it to an external drive that was formatted as FAT32. Had an epiphany, realized there's a file size limit problem with FAT32, and tried it out on a different partition that's MAC-OS Extended (Journaled). It's working perfectly now. Thanks for all your help, tsantee. Much appreciated! brad
  2. yetiboy

    Create Disc Image Using Bdmv Folder / Avchd

    Here's a screen shot. brad
  3. yetiboy

    Create Disc Image Using Bdmv Folder / Avchd

    Nope, no dice. Just tried it again making sure I had the settings correct. I tried it with both DVD and BD-DL selected at the bottom for type of disc just in case, both resulted in the same problem - it's still being split into 1.07GB files. Thanks for trying, btw. I appreciate it. brad
  4. yetiboy

    Create Disc Image Using Bdmv Folder / Avchd

    Just tried it out, same issue - it's being split into multiple files (actually 1.07GB, not 1.7GB, sorry). Any ideas why this is happening? brad
  5. I have a copy of a demo disc that appears to be either a BDMV folder or AVCHD that I'd like to make a disc image out of. The file size is approximately 40GB. The files I have are a file called BDMV (no file extension) and folder called CERTIFICATE, which when fooling around with Toast I've decided must have been created as a BDMV using Toast or some other similar program. When I open up BDMV I am able to find multiple .mts files in a subfolder (STREAM), which is why also think it might be an AVCHD file. I don't know enough about these formats to figure it out. I'm trying to create a disc image that can be mounted, whether using Toast or (ideally) Disc Utility on my computer (Macbook Pro). I've tried opening up the BDMV file using Toast and I'm able to see the video files, but when I try to make a disc image I end up with 40+ .toast files of 1.7GB, which is completely useless. I need to mount this as a single disc, not 40 of them! I've tried doing this through both the BDMV and Bluray selections in the dropdown menu, both with the same result. I also tried checking to see what would happen if I tried to burn it as a bluray disc. The file size showed as less than 10GB, which tells me there is a significant loss of data doing this - not acceptable, although it's actually irrelevant since I don't have a bluray burner. So, my questions are: 1. Is this a BDMV or AVCHD (or both?!?) file/folder? 2. How can I create a disc image using it that can be mounted? Can I do this using Toast or do I need some other software? Note: My plan is to mount this when needed and then stream it to my PS3 using Universal Media Server (a fork of PS3 Media Server). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! brad