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    Burning .mov Files To Dvd Video

    Hi tsantee, many many thanks for your post which has now helped me resolve the issue. I now realise that one of my cameras (Fuji 550EXR) exposes at 30fps even though the setting is on PAL. The fps cannot be changed. My Canon 5D Mk2 exposes at 25 fps PAL and this can be changed - no re-encode required in Toast when using this. Regarding the Slideshow issue, this is also resolved. As you said, Aperture is creating NTSC slide shows. The standard settings for 720p for example are fps 30, Width 1152 and Height 720. Experimenting in 'Custom' and changing the settings have produced really good, cleaner results. For info, when producing slideshows in 720p I find fps 25, Width 1280 and Height 720 are best. For full HD the best results are through settings of 25fps , 1920 Width and 1080 Height. I'm a very happy man - Thank you.
  2. MalMac

    Burning .mov Files To Dvd Video

    All my Movies are taken in PAL 25 format and downloaded to iMovie which is also set to PAL 25. I also make slideshows in Aperture which end up in .MOV format. When I go to burn either of them as a DVD Video I get the following message on the screen - 'The TV Standard is currently set to PAL, but all your content is in NTSC format. Do you want to write an NTSC disc or re-encode all content to PAL?" I am using Toast Titanium V 11.1 I don't understand why this is happening as all my imagery is in PAL and the original stills in the Aperture slideshows are in JPG. Any ideas anyone - please? This is so frustrating. I'm also convinced that re-encoding deteriorates the final imagery.