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  1. rk255

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Isn't Roxio part of Corel. So if the Blu ray plug-in from Roxio does not work, what guarantee that Corel plug-in will work. Besides, I don't know where it is on Corel Website. Is it a stand-alone product like Cyberlink's Power2Go?
  2. rk255

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Actually I first tried to burn blu-ray disc. But when it failed towards the end with the error message I thought of making ISO file. It is the burning part that is giving problem. Now if Roxio will stop supporting Blu-ray burning as you mentioned then probably the problem will not be fixed.
  3. rk255

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Thanks for recommending Cyberlink's Power2Go. I finished burning Blu Ray disks with no issues. In fact Power2Go is very fast in burning compared to Roxio.
  4. rk255

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Yes I did buy the add-on. It was a year ago that I last burned a BluRay. I don't know what changed in the interim?
  5. I am using NXT 6. I created a mp4 (AVCHD) file through Videowave. Now I want to create an iso file for burning the mp4 into blu-ray through MyDVD, but keep getting the error BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure. Reason: Out of memory code. I am using Surface Book 2 with 16 GB of memory, so I don't know why this message keeps coming. Even when I try to Preview Project it runs initially but when I click Menu it gives error. The build of MyDVD is I switched the project setting to Hardware rendering but at the end of the iso creation the message crops up. I tried direct burning of Blu-ray, but again at the end the error message appears. Any workaround???
  6. Well, I did not hear from you experts. I did upload the file and responded to your questions. I thought you had some suggestions. Anyway, I know you have the right to not respond!!
  7. Ok. I regret hurting your feelings. I didn't mean to. I am attaching the file that was requested. I had uploaded last time too, but don't know why it didn't show up with my reply. Regarding choppiness, it is when I export from Videowave. The preview in Videowave is fine. In MyDVD I am simply taking the exported AVCHD file from Videowave and burning to Blu-ray disc. The blu-ray disc that was created through nxt 2 MyDVD showed the same choppiness when viewing through the blu-ray player. My guess was that since the Videowave exported file was choppy, the blu-ray disc display was also choppy. As you guys mentioned that nxt2 was not supported on Windows 10, I upgraded to nxt4. Now, as mentioned in my previous post, I cannot burn blu-ray disc with nxt4 MyDVD. It keeps giving the message "Burning was cancelled." I had not tried ISO file creation previously. But, right now with nxt4 I get the same message "Burning was cancelled" when trying to create the ISO file. I am not aware of how Blu-ray output can be send to a folder set? MyDVD in nxt4 has only ISO or Burn options. DxDiag.txt
  8. Regret being late in responding. I purchased the NXT 4 update with Blu-Ray authoring plug-in. Now in NXT4, I opened the NXT2 videowave file and exported to AVCHD. It was much smoother at 60 fps. So I decided to burn it in Blu-Ray through MyDVD, but ran into problems. First of all NXT4 MyDVD is totally different. I created a new Blu-ray project and imported the AVCHD mp4 file. In project preview the it shows fine, but it is not burning to Blu-ray. The first time I tried to burn, it opened the windows explorer. I thought something was wrong and I canceled the burning process. Since then whenever I tried to burn it, it gives the message "Burning was cancelled". I re-booted the PC so as to initialize it, but to no avail. Is there a way to initialize it so that it stops giving the message and proceed with the burning. I am using BD-R disc.
  9. My PC was Window 7 that I upgraded to Windows 10. NXT 2 not being certified for Windows 10 may explain why in the past on Windows 7 the export delivered slide motions which were very smooth.I am attaching the text file you requested. Also, I am not running any other application when the export operation is being done. I am making a blu ray disc. I will try to see if MPEG-2 High Definition 1080p will be better. Is NXT 3 certified for Windows 10?
  10. I made a slideshow in VideoWave. But, when I export it to AVCHD I notice that the motions in pictures and transitions are choppy and not smooth. I am exporting the slideshow from VidewWave and then importing it in MyDVD for burning to Blu-ray disc. I am running NXT 2 on Windows 10 machine. Is there some setting to ensure smooth motions? Thanks.
  11. Is there a way to overlap audio in VideoWave as available in the slideshow feature of CreateDVD. Thanks.
  12. rk255

    Blu Ray No Menu Looping Problems

    How does one export slideshow to a movie in MyDVD. There is no export option. Only Capture/Import.
  13. I am creating a Blu ray no menu project with slideshow and movies so that the contents loop at the end from start. While testing in the Preview mode I notice that once the slideshow ends it does not move to the movie following it. Also if I just have a slideshow, it does not loop after the show ends. The looping feature only works if there are movies. Is there a way for movies and slideshows to exist in one project with looping of the whole contents?