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    Can't Burn To Iso File

    You Sir, are a genius! I know this worked perfectly because I just finished watching it on my living room dvd player! I was even able to add the menu to the production and the quality was much better than I expected it would be. I will print this thread out for future use. Thank you for your time and wisdom.
  2. RadMom3

    Can't Burn To Iso File

    OK! I created the .mpg file and watched it in windows media player. Everything played perfectly in it. How should I proceed?
  3. RadMom3

    Can't Burn To Iso File

    Yes. Just a standard DVD people can play on any computer or dvd player at home is what I want. Will I lose any video quality buy outputting to an .mpg? How is this different than converting to a .iso file? Sorry for the bonus questions. I like to learn as I go. I think I can do this by going to output in Videowave and choosing the first item of share as? Then there is a dropdown to select the mpeg best quality. I assume this will not alter my original .dmsm file?
  4. I need help. I have scoured the forums for hours looking for help and have either found nothing like my issue or all fixes have produced no change. I will try an include all pertainent information. I have made a football video using Videowave (Creator NXT Pro-brand new, first time with this version) of my boys season to share with the team using video from our our Cannon hd video camera (.mts AVCHD) and still pictures. It also includes music and the run time is just under one hour. I cleared all proxy files, saved the file and closed the program restarted the machine, closed anything running in the background that I could see and sent the video to MyDVD to be burned to an .iso file. The first error message was something like HoldPattern_AVCS Smart Encoding.bmp file could be found but not loaded. It never got to the encoding stage. I thought this might have something to do with the menu I picked based on past experience with older versions of videowave, so I tried the procedure again with a different menu choice. Same thing. Gave up for the night and shut computer down. Tried again this morning using the same procedure and get this error SkinImage Hold Pattern_Intel.png found but cannot be loaded. Tried it again without any start menu added to the production and it started the process but came up with the error 80004005 and a MS Visual C++ runtime Library error popped up and the software shut down. I hit the forums and have been weeding through things for about 3 hours now. I updated my video card driver, checked to be sure the Relevant Knowledge and Premier Knowledge programs are not on my computer (via Roxio help for the C++ error), made sure my Creator software was up to date, tried not sending the production from video wave to MyDVD and opening it directly from Mydvd. I did not convert my videos this time (do I need to? I have avs converter but don't want to loose video quality) and I thought this might be an issue of the video type, so I even created a dummy production that just had color panels in it, no video or photos and still could not get an iso file from that. I am running on a HP windows 7, vers 6.1 service pack 1 with a processor AMD Phenom IIx4 810 and my hard drive has 300gb free space. I am runing out of time to have this project complete. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks from a frusterated Mom!