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  1. I just purchased the NXT Pro 2 program. I have a stack of home video's (DVD-R) that were recorded the last 5 years on my Sony camcorder. I simply want to copy these discs to my hard drive. I have opened the Roxio Copy & Convert program & selected the copy DVD button. The "From" side shows in the option window: E:Matshita-DVD+RW SW830 (which is my DVD drive). The other option: Browse for disc image/DVD-video folder. The "To" side of the window gives 3 options. 1. Matshita-DVD+RW SW830 2. Disc Image 3. DVD-video folder. I inserted my movie DVD-r into the dvd drive. I chose the E:Matshita-DVD+RW SW830 on the left (From side) and the DVD-Video folder on the right (TO side). The green arrow on the bottom is grayed out! The DVD will not play on the left nor will it allow me to copy. I even tried to choose the Matshita-DVD+RW SW830 on the right to see if I could at least copy another disk and it too will not light up the green arrow. I have a Dell Inspiron 660, 8.00GB memory. CPU is an Intel Core i5-3330 @3.00GHZ. My operating system is Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit). Any ideas?
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    Disk Burn Problem

    I must confess a real goof on my part which is the reason the burn to disc button was grayed out. In my stack of new "BLANK" disks a used disk had somehow made its way into the stack. So.....the disk I was using was not blank.....thus the error. I inserted a blank disk.........and guess what....it works! Thank-you very much for responding to help. By the way....I'm working under a 64-bit windows 8.
  3. red mountain1

    Disk Burn Problem

    I just purchased Creator NXT Pro2 to be used with Windows 8. When I attempted to burn on "MYDVD" the burn button is grayed out. How can I solve this problem?