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  1. Zbrosmom

    Thinking Of Upgrading To Mavericks, Will It Hose Toast?

    Thanks Tsantee, I appreciate your help. I think I'm going to go for it. Looks like I have more to gain than lose by upgrading. I appreciate your input. {
  2. Zbrosmom

    Encoding In Burning Process Slow! Toast 11.1 And Mavericks

    It appears that my post asking if Toast 11.1 will work with Mavericks has been answered here. I don't use DiskWarrior, so it looks like I just might be able to continue to use Toast 11.1. Please let me know if I'm mistaken. Am thinking of upgrading to Mavericks this weekend after I check on a few other apps that I don't want to lose functionality...so far though, it looks like I'll probably be upgrading. Thanks folks! {
  3. I'm thinking of upgrading to Mavericks...the price certainly is right! But I'm wondering if doing so will "break" Toast 11.1. Does anyone know or have any ideas? Roaring Apps.com seems to think it's not compatible. I really can't afford to have to pay to upgrade to a newer version of Toast (when it's available) to be able to keep Toast functioning. Thanks for your input. {