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    NXT 6 Themes

    I tried to go to feedback page but each time I get page unavailable due to website maintenance. My question regards Themes. Why in older versions of Roxio Creator you had the ability to control the font size and colors of your title but cannot in NXT? This was very helpful especially when you change the Theme background picture. When creating a video/photo project you are able to access Itunes music for background audio but you cannot access Itunes music to change the background music for a Theme.? Doesn't seem to make any sense unless I'm doing something wrong.
  2. Went back to the drawing board. The picture size comment stuck in my head. A discrepancy I noted about picture size. I checked the "Properties" of one picture in Explorer. It indicated the pixels at 5760x 3840. In Roxio PhotoSuite in Resize option in Photo Editor it indicated a pixel size of 1275 x 850 pixels for the same photo. Don't understand but anyway I used "Windows Live Photo Gallery" app ( Size Selection - Small ) which allowed me to easily resize ( Size Selection - Small ) all the photos as a group to roughly 8xx by 5xx. This seemed to solve the blank black photos in the production. So I guess size definitely does matter.
  3. The pictures and videos are from a vacation trip. The camera took both photo and video. They are broken into 3 groups. One is 34 min, the other 2 are around 55 min. each. I created the mpg file for one of the files While viewing noticed a blank even though photo was in the storyline. Is there a solution? Do you delete the photo and then reenter it into the storyline? I'm going back to the drawing board and re think the grouping into 4. Thanks for trying to help.
  4. First thanks Myguggi for trying to help. I'm very limited on my tech savvy. May I add the file also includes audio. You suggest exporting the VideoWave file to an mpg file. May I ask how I do this. Under Output, Export as: my options are create a video file/dv camera. Under File, Save as; no option to save as any other file type. I opted to "create video file". During process I noticed blanks even though the photo is shown in the storyline. What is the solution - delete the photo and add it back to the storyline?
  5. I created a project which includes both photos and video using Creator NXT2. I created the project via VideoWave and saved as a ".dmsm" file. Proceeded to DVD, created lead in and saved as a "dmsd" file. Preview displays all photos/videos. Press .burn key and display shows the DVD info, I set the speed to.4.0 (when you could Tech support they told me to lower the speed) and press burn. During the encoding process some photos are randomly excluded and replaced with a black screen. The photos are 1275 x 480 pixels. I have had this problem with other versions of Roxio. I have repeated the burn process with the same file and a different set of photos would be replaced with a black screen. I would repeat the process until I got a clean DVD (frustrating). I had hoped Creator NXT2 would eliminate this problem. Anyone know of a solution or is this a problem with the Roxio software?
  6. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Creator NXT2. As soon as I click on "create a DVD" a box (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library) pops up with the message: Error 6034 An application has made an attempt to load C runtime library incorrectly. The screen locks up and must use task manager to exit.