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    Stream Live On Youtube And Switch.tv Problems

    In the picture you have posted there is not "verify" button. Only "remove" or "rimouvi". So how do we add our YT account? just login on our browser and then turn on hd pro? Also my YT account is verified and in good standing. Why does it keep asking me for it?
  2. Darkdragon007

    Another With The Youtube Verification Problem

    Same thing here. What I have found on mine is that there is no option in the UI to add a youtube account. There is one to revoke, but not add. That is where the issue is I think. AGAIN SOME HELP HERE ROXIO.
  3. Darkdragon007

    Bought Used

    Ok so I just bought the Roxio Gamecapture HD Pro from someone who had their Xbox RROD, and they just wanted to get a little of their money back. Came with the card, the usb cable, and the install disc. Now I did not know that I needed a key for the install. Can he login in to his account and send me the key and it work fine, or am I screwed, and have a new paperweight, in that I am supposed to buy a whole new setup just for a key?