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    .ts File Does Not Burn Completely To Dvd... Only Partial

    Thanks... I downloaded that program, and installed the MPEG-2 thing like they specified... Now when I add the file to Streamclip and try to run the "Fix Time Code Breaks" I get an error saying "Cannot find the first time code" Any ideas. Thanks again for your help. For someone kinda new to this it is very frustrating.
  2. First time posting so please bear with me, and thanks in advance for any suggestions. Using Toast Titanium 11.1, Max OS X 10.9 I have numerous .ts files taken from a 1080i stream. I want to convert them to DVD. When I drag the .ts file into "Video > DVD-Video" it shows up with the correct length of 120 minutes, I then create a disc image. However, when I mount the disc image, I only get 20-30 minutes. I've also tried to do it in the "Convert" tab and I get the same result. I'm sure the original .ts file is fine because I can watch the entire 120 minutes with VLC, so I know it exists in the original .ts file. Am I doing something wrong, or does anybody have a workaround? Thanks eddie