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    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    Hi Jim.... I am having the same issue... I have been reading this thread, in particular your "Helpful" advice (if you can call it that)...and I have come to understand that you are far from the guru you claim to be. It seems more like you are just regurgitating a bunch of generic desktop support quotes in hopes it will eventually solve the issue, when in fact you have no idea what is causing this problem or how to solve it. Myself an ehSnax are not the first to come accross this problem, as a quick google search will report back many many many different threads with this same issue, as well as many other issues related to your buggy product. This is the second issue I have come accross. The first issue was resolved after many non-helpful and time wasting emails to your helpdesk, which spouted the exact same generic 1st year desktop help crap you are in this thread. Am I to understand that ALL problems with this device can be solved by sending the customer a link to connection diagrams, uninstalling/reinstalling the application and delivering your replies with a condescending tone? If so, BRAVO sir...you have done your job. However...as I would much prefer my device to work, I took it upon myself to resolve it...and wouldnt ya know it, none of the advice I was given was even relevant. But now I have this new issue....and judging by the way you have replied to ehSnax (and many other users with different issues), I would just be wasting my time here trying to get any ounce of useful information from you in hopes of actually getting this peice of crap to work. I have already performed the "fix" you supplied and it STILL does not work. It just sits on my desktop....FAILING!!! In short, your attitude towards users and there issues has inspired me to return your crappy RCG HD Pro and purchase an Elgato. From review on the internet, it is nowhere near as buggy and FAR superior to your device. SO thank you. Speaking of reviews, I will be sure to post negative reviews of this product AND of your rude support whereever I can find it available. Roxio can rot in hell...I wont be buying again. Yours sincerly, Unimaginably pissed off user over his regrettable purchase.