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    Creator 2012 - Reinstall On Windows 8, No Sound

    Sigh. The Power Director mpgs were compatible with Roxio on Windows 7, I'm not upgrading again! There's a limit on how much $ I can spend everytime Bill Gates changes his platform. It's back to Power Director for me.
  2. kaydee44

    Creator 2012 - Reinstall On Windows 8, No Sound

    I have further isolated the problem. If I exported an mpg file from Roxio, the sound will play. If however the clip was made in Power Director, it will not play the sound. I make mpgs of 3-7 minutes of my grandkids. When I generate about 60 minutes of clips, I burn it to DVD. However, the clips imported from Power Director have no sound. Roxio should really come up with a fix for this. The program is less than a year old to me. Thanks especially to Digital Guru for the responses.
  3. I recently installed Roxio 12 on a new computer running Windows 8. It was previously installed on Windows 7 and worked fine. In making a DVD, when I insert a movie, there is no sound.