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    I Need Help; New With Game Capture; New With Roxio.

    I'm sorry.. and It is a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.
  2. Hello everyone! So I am new to the whole game capture thing and I was told that if I wanted to start off basic and simple, that I should buy a Roxio. Well, my experience has been nothing remotely close to simple. Sadly. The first day I got it, it was really laggy and the picture was bad on it. There was lines through it and there was a lot of static. Well I researched for a week to see if there was any solutions so I finally found one. When I went to go fix it, it pops up with a red "No Signal". I see partial of my TV screen on the computer but not the whole thing, and it also is laggy, when I plug the HDMI into my TV it doesn't show anything on my TV but a blue screen. A lot of people told me to use the component cables and I can't because I have the newer Xbox and I only have it's component cable that came with it. If you guys could let me know how to fix this that would be awesome, and I could credit you when I finally get to upload to YouTube! Which has been my goal since I bought this #$^@ thing. Any help/comments help! If you could walk me through it on Xbox that would be even better. My gamertag is: vH3llOnHeels