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  1. Tom K.

    Setting Thumbnails to buttons

    I'll completely duplicate the problem with screenshots on wednesday. thanks for the persistance.
  2. Tom K.

    Setting Thumbnails to buttons

    Sorry, it was late, yes, selected another image from the same MPG for the unlinked button. Only 2 menus, the main one and one under the chapters button.
  3. Tom K.

    Setting Thumbnails to buttons

    Create a chapter list with links/sub menu Create unlinked button. The button for the chapters looks like the button for the first chapter. You change the image for the main button using a image from the video source (.mpg), it then changes, make another image for another button (the unlinked one) and it changes all of the others that used that image also. Thats about the easiest way to explain it.
  4. Tom K.

    Cineplayer DVD Play Problems - Audio

    I have the same problem, but only with DTS audio DVDs.
  5. Tom K.

    Setting Thumbnails to buttons

    No, I'm definitely not selecting more than one ( you can tell by the highlight), I spent several hours on this, many different ways... I guess you can't link multiple thumbnails from the same source. Is there a phone number I can call? It's very disappointing when you buy mid-high end software, thinking you are getting something that works, yet it doesn't. The manual has zero info on thumbnails related to this, as does the on-line help.
  6. Tom K.

    Setting Thumbnails to buttons

    Indeed, and I have done that many, MANY times, using the linked/movie option, where you select a portion of the video and hit "SELECT THUMBNAIL". Does it not save that image uniquely? Or is it a global one time thing? Cause every single time, it changes all of them.
  7. So, I play a DTS disc (Fifth Element) and it plays it back in double or triple speed playback mode. Dolby Digital plays perfectly, switch to DTS with the language button, it immediately speeds up and every is a chipmunk. Any ideas?
  8. So...I have spent several hours trying and trying... I edit chapters, have it create a button that links to chapters... It auto creates the menu... I then make another button that starts the movie...I've cut and pasted, I've "made new unlinked button" everything, but every time I change either of those thumbnails, via settings... it changes BOTH BUTTONS AND THE FIRST CHAPTER BUTTON ON THE INNER MENU to the same thumbnail!!!!!! The manual and help have NO information on Thumbnails.... This is not fair for such an advanced program. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated, since I can't return this...what can I do? The feature must exist, but is poorly documented.