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    Hrd Express Reinstall

    Hello, i overlooked, thanks for your help Best Regards, Cees
  2. Rakker

    Hrd Express Reinstall

    What do you mean by click on the link and read it??? Cees
  3. Rakker

    Hrd Express Reinstall

    No, I got it witch my Roxio NXT pro 2 program, and of course I have the codes, but HDR express 2 does'nt accept them anymore. What to do now??/ Best regards, Cees
  4. Hello, I had a crash 2 times already and did not realize to deinstall HDR Express 2. So my licences are gone What to do???? I hope someone can help me, to get my licence activated again?? Best regards, Cees
  5. Hello Jim, We realised that our TV and dvd-reorder where to old, (about 15 years_ so we decided to order a new TV and blue ray player,as wel as new blue ray burner in my wife's desktop, hoping that our problems will be gone. Cincerely, Cees
  6. Hello Walt, You'r right, I asked in the shop where i bought the Sony camera about my poblem and they told me that i have to reduce the burning resolution, which for a dvd maximum is 1280x720, If I reduce this resolution it will be possible to play the dvd on a normal dvd player. But i have no idea how.to reduce the reolution. hq, lp, sp, etc is not what he ment. Hoping youcan help me, Sincerely, Cees
  7. Hello Walt, I already nderstand what was wong. I tried o burn an avchd film on a normal dvd and not on a avchd disk. The moment I changed it, in my DVD, everything was o.k. Greetings, Cees
  8. Hello Walt, I did just what was advised: I downloaded and installed the newest driver for my ATI Radeon HD 5450. About the 2 extra burn options: i read it as an extra possibiliy to burn my film project, but was wrong?? Best Regards, Cees
  9. Hello, I Also have the same problems. I use Ceator NXT Pro 2 on a desktop , Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00 ghz 4.0 GB Ram, ATI Radeon HD 5450 Downloaded the ast videodriver. Used the defragmenter Your 2 extra burn opions (Image File and Folderset) does not work, only if he dvd burning does. Changed the render from hardware to software.But no way. i fllm with a new camera (Sony HDR CX160E) and my wife takes pictures with a Sony EOS camera. The photo project burning goes well., but y videoproject not. Why?????How can i solve this problem Best regards, Cees