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  1. hello Frinkenstein, is the an update for DV Capture for Windows VISTA ? my XP version does not work and causes my MCE to crash... best regards Guy
  2. OK, great, installed it... Regional settings ok now(!) PAL capture no problem...great A few remarks: -Still the big black line on the left side of the screen -No option to choose where to save the recorded file, goes standard to 'my videos' , so no option to choose your big external HD for example... but it's much better now..thanks! Guy
  3. hello, the link is not correct, it's a link for : roxio 3gpdecoder_100b19c_rlb.exe hmmmmm guy
  4. Hello, i'm sorry but with the serial i got from my purchase i can not install the update...it's says my number is not correct.... what must i do? guy
  5. hello Roxlabs, thanks but i'm sorry; i can't find your download (update) site...can you send us a link please? rgds Guy1
  6. Happy New Year to the ROXIO people and to the other guys here on this forum. Hopefully this PAL issue will get sorted out quite soon... Guy
  7. hello Roxio people, we are now 14 days further...still no sollution ?? rgds G
  8. hello Roxio People, What i also miss is the ability to choose WHERE the captured video is saved... I think this is one of the most common settings in all capture-programs... rgds G
  9. hello Frinkenstein, we discovered another problem with the ROXIO DV CAPTURE software : when recording in PAL with US computersettings, the captured video has, when you play it back, on the left side a black line of +/- 1cm in other words : the capture is not in the middle of the screen... can you ask your engeniers to check it ? several people here did the test and we all have the same problem.... rgds G
  10. interlacing problem solved by re-installing card driver
  11. yes, here too...works with US settings....remember in Belgium we use AZERTY keyboard , not QWERTY....so that might be a problem over here... Guy1
  12. Indeed, regional setting here is BELGIUM - DUTCH - AZERTY rgds Guy1
  13. hello Frinkenstein, any news from your engineering team ? best regards Guy1
  14. Thanks Robbie for helping me out with this! rgds from Belgium guy1