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  1. Hi, I made all the available updates but the problem is still there. I see the music on the music line, but no sound when I play my project in videowave, but when I burn a DVD the music is present, that's only in my project that the music doesn't play. Another anomaly is that on the music line, my music appears with a grey background instead of a blue one previously when it worked. Do you have any idea about this issue, I'm really worrying about that as I ntnded to make several DVDs as Christmas presents.
  2. Hello, At the beginning it worked perfectly well, when I added an audio file (.mp3 or .wav) from my computer to a movie , but now when I add the music, it play the first time I play the movie, but if I try again, I hear nothing, despite the fact that the music is still present, I see it in the music line, but hear nothing when playing it and when I try to edit the music I get the message : no native sound or sound effect for the selection. When I add a music with smartsound it works fine. I'm very disappointed. Can you help me ? Many thanks ( I'm a French user, hope my English is understandable).