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  1. What is the deal with prices on Toast? Roxio wants $100 w/ a $20 rebate. However, I can download it from here http://www.amazon.co...io toast 11 mac for $39.25. From here http://www.amazon.co...io toast 11 mac I can get it for $39.25 in the box. So, what am I missing? thanks
  2. I just purchased 1DVD and it has failed in an important feature. I want to make sure that Toast has that feature before I invest. I used 1DVD to create a DVD using two .m4v files generated by iMovie. When I play the first file, the DVD stops at the end and I have to press skip to get to the second file. In my Pc life, I used Ulead to create and burn DVDs. The playing of the first file always preceeded into the second and so on through the whole disk. Will DVDs burned by Toast from .m4v files proceed from one file to the next? I am assuming that Toast will take .mov and .m4v files and generate the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS files needed for the DVD to play on a DVD player?? thanks.