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  1. Can some one help please? I have installed NXT2 (for a 2nd time) on my acer aspire laptop. running Windows 8.1. The screen resolution setting is at it's recommended highest of 1920x1080. When I launch the program and press on Create dvd button I get a signal "The display settings do not meet the minimum for this application. Please change the screen resolution to a setting higher than 1024 x 768 " I do not know which way to t!! Thanks
  2. Kassia

    Nxt Output Missing Windows

    I aimed at resizing to around 1Meg. and it worked. so obviously I will continue to aim at this size in the future unless I will be advised differently. Regarding the final size of my Photos from the 24meg resolution- I process all the photos through Lightroom 5 and export them from it. sometimes I do get a final size closer to 2megs. In this case I have now learnt to lower the resolution as necessary. Thank you for Your comments everyone.
  3. Kassia

    Nxt Output Missing Windows

    Dear Digital Guru, Your advise re size of file is 100% correct. I compared the photos I used previously to the current ones. The older ones were around 1meg and below the newer ones were approaching 2megs. I resized them as you suggested and Bingo it all worked. Incidently I had upgraded my camera from a Sony a55 to a77 which is a 24 meg pixcel camera hence the bigger files. I do not recall Roxio ever putting out a limit on file size and that's why I was trapped I suppose. Thanks again Problem Solved!
  4. Kassia

    Nxt Output Missing Windows

    Dear Digital Guru I am sorry for not responding as I am doing now. This is my first attempt at participating in a discussion group and couldn't work out how to respond other than the Like button. I am in the process of checking and comparing the photos I have to the photos in the previous project. So far it appears that because I have upgraded the camera I am ending up with photos of a larger file. So I am taking your advice and resaving the photos with half the file size. Since this is the only significant change I am hoping that you have put me on the right track. I will let you know what results I will get out of this Thanks. Kassia.
  5. I have encountered a problem with Roxio Nxt. When I try to output as a PAL video, some photos are not recorded and leaves a black slot instead. I tried replacing the photos. but to no avail. I never had this problem with the earlier creator software. I run Roxio on windows 7. I am at my wits ends on this. Can any put across any suggestions please? Thank you