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    How to associate .iso file to Creator NXT 8

    Thanks, work for me.
  2. Finally, I move from creator NXT 4 to NXT 8. Previously with NXT4. My iso image file is associated with NXT4 (ie double click the image file and I get directly into "Burn Disc Image". However, After installing NXT 8 (I uninstall old NXT4), it seem iso image file is no longer associated to NXT but image burn (which I believe is Win10 default). How could I change it to default using Creator NXT 8?
  3. chanseng

    64 Bits!

    I take it as the program is not a 64bits version if it is installed in the x86 program floder.
  4. Question: I use C2012 and C Sliver4 (come with my Thinkpad - preinstall). It has a Burn Data - Advance option (or in much older Creator I think it was call creator classic). Is this still available on the NXT version (or NXT pro)? Someone told me it was not there anymore.
  5. I have a strange problem. Buring DVD with Burn Data Disk - Advance - creator classic option and I get above error However, using he same DVD disc, same writer (GT33), same set of data but burn with option "Burn data Disk" and all went fine. What could goes wrong?
  6. chanseng


    Do I just stop the following service? C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio\BackOnTrack\App\SaibSVC.exe
  7. chanseng


    Yes, I can stop it from running. But I would like to have it uninstalled too. Actually I find strange that Roxio did not offer customize installation. 2012 is kind of "big". I do not really need all the features.
  8. chanseng


    I do not need to use BackOn Track. How can I uninstall it?
  9. chanseng

    Creator 2009 Advance Data Copy Hung

    Download and try 2010. Suprise to me, this problem is actually fixed in this version !!! Looks like returning ver 2009 is a good decision. Now I have to consider whether 2010 is a good version to stay.
  10. chanseng

    Can't burn old ISO's with new Creator 2009

    Actually I think this bug happen since version 10 but it has never been fix. If I remember correctly, it works if you save it as .gi format (ie .iso format those not work).
  11. chanseng

    Bootable Iso Image Will Not Boot

    Yes, I tried many time. Is a Creator 2009 problem. No problem with Creator version 9.
  12. chanseng

    Roxio Sp3 Update May Have Issues

    Has the same problem as original post. Uninstall everything and re-intall up to the point without SP3. Everything works fine for me. I did not believe it. Clone the whole disk and re-install SP3. My old Creator Classic problem come back again. Now back to 2009 without SP3.
  13. chanseng

    Creator 2009 Advance Data Copy Hung

    Decided to go back to v10 which works fine to me. Returning the package to shop.
  14. chanseng

    Creator 2009 Advance Data Copy Hung

    Yes, I did a clean install following the instruction. Problem remain.
  15. chanseng

    Creator 2009 Advance Data Copy Hung

    Thanks, It was a clean install. It was working when I first installed it. Do you mean I should uninstall the current one and re-install it again? (after clean up)?