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  1. I just purchased Toast 14 as toast 11.1 would no longer run on mac OS 10.11. Since the upgrade, both my blu-ray drives will only burn at 1x or 2x at best (takes over an hour a disk, not including the verifying). I have two blu-ray drives (pioneer 205 and OEC), both are extremely slow, Since the only thing that changed was the software, I'm assuming Toast is the issue. I've tried two brands of disks (JVC and Optical Quantum). Can anyone help get my speeds back to what they are rated for (6x) or better?
  2. colourz

    Mce Drives & Toast 10 Pro

    I've recently purcashed a MCE Blu ray drive, but cannot burn a Blu ray any faster than 1x. MCE suggests that it could be Toast 10 pro, and I should purchase Toast 11. Nothing on the Roxio web site suggests that this would be a fix and there is absolutly no pre-sales support on the new Corel site (very, very fustrating). Does anyone know if this might be the problem (need new version of toast). Corel is asking $25 for any support (for owned version or presales versions).