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  1. I have recorded/captured video while playing my xbox 360. It will capture the voice of who I am talking to thru chat, but not my own voice. I have tried several things thru my settings on Xbox and none of them have worked. The capture card has the option to change the mic settings on live streaming but not capturing video. Whether I am recording or live streaming, it does not have my voice on the audio. I have owned this capture card for two days now and it has been nothing but a hassle. The box and advertisement said "Easy to install instructions" and "video tutorials", but these nor the "help" section has assisted me in solving this problem! This should not be a problem for something that is supposed to be "user friendly". Please help so I can enjoy/use the product properly!Oh and I have the Roxio HD Pro for consoles. This is at the top of my screen so I know I am in the right forum "Roxio Game Capture for consoles".