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  1. it cant be the laptop because in a rare occurance its fine, works and then as soon as i capture in 480 it slows. and freezes. full specs are a core 2 duo @2.00ghz with 4gb ddr2 ram 100gb 7200rpm hdd graphics is the onboard intel (no idea which one) bios is changed, nothing major. probably around 60 gb left on the hdd. but i have some other hdds i can use. but they arent 7200rpm. (the 7200 rpm is a lenovo exclusive drive the rest are 5200 by default i think for a laptop) *Would it help if i downgraded to say xp for the capture? so it uses less resources? (i can use pae to make it 4gb or just use the x64 copy i have )* my desktop has a 3.0ghz amd athlon II quad core 8gb ddr3 with over 750gb space. 1gb gddr5 ati radeon 7850. 750w psu. (its fine in this though. trouble is i have a hdmi switch and have nothing else to plug the pc into ATM so when i switch i capture around 9 seconds of footage before it cuts out because it cant find a display because i switched to my xbox :/)
  2. Brought a Gamecap HD PRO last dec. brilliant on my pc except times have changed and i can no longer use it on the pc i used to, so im using it on the laptop instead. Brilliant! i thought... problems started. i installed. then uninstalled because as soon as i loaded gamecap my laptop would freeze completely. reinstalled using no antivirus. then as an extreme i reinstalled windows blank, used a different anti virus, (still disabled while installing/repairing) and to no avail. i did get it going for a split second. but as i hit capture, it froze again. earlier i took my time and found the files where the drivers actually lay o the dvd, took them out of the dvd and uninstalled gamecap and the drivers completely. i then reinstalled but this time using my extracted drivers from the dvd, i used xsplit and it did exactly the same thing, but instead of freezing me completely so i had to reboot. it just slowed down to an extreme. i love the gamecap. but it is by far the worst software/drivers i have ever seen and had my hands on in my whole life. if someone can help then fair enough. (support cant help because i just activated and i have no support code...) (the laptop is a core 2 duo @2.00ghz 4GB ddr2 RAM with a 100gb hdd and windows 7 ultimate x64 all up to date.) my gamecap is never used much anyways because of how temperamental it can be (anyone else get this problem with hdmi?)