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    Volume Could Not Be Found, Files Removed

    Can someone from Roxio please post in this thread and verify that you have seen this, and are working to address this issue? Thanks.
  2. Some BD-Rs have gone bad that I burned in 2009 to backup some captured video from my Final Cut Pro scratch disk. They went bad because they were defective, cheap media. So I bought some 50-year-archival Panasonic BD-R's and went to re-burn those backups. However, when I open the .disc files, Toast gives me an error message like this: The volume "Rocky" couldn't be found. 77 file(s) and 1 folder(s) will be ignored. Now the thing is, I got a bunch of new HDDs awhile back. I copied everything off of the old drives (such as Rocky) and moved them to different locations on the new drive. The original volume does not exist anymore, however the files are still there. They are now on a volume called, "Media." I tried renaming Media -> Rocky, however, then Toast opened the file OK, but all the icons for each file were blank, which I thought seemed weird. When I right click on each file in Toast, and say Get Info..., then it shows me a directory path that leads to the wrong file! Obviously there is some problem opening the old .disc files. What I would expect is that Toast would tell me, "The files have been moved, please select the current location of the files" and let me show it where the new location of the files is. That way I can re-burn all these many discs that contain files not necessarily selected in order, but selected according to what would maximally fit on one BD-R! Please fix this problem, it's really annoying.