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    Nxt2 Pro

    Thanks for the help and the red letter advice. I will remember the advice.
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    Nxt2 Pro

    The file name is D3dx9_33.dll. Thanks for the reply.
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    Nxt2 Pro

    I purchased NXT2 Pro for download and bought the extended backup service. After I did the install and tried to run the program, it said I was missing a dll file and needed to reinstall. I have tried that a couple of times as well as having it do a repair instead of a new install. I still get the same error. I did not elect to buy a DVD at the time because I thought the download would be fine. Can I but a DVD now? I emailed the sales company but was told I would have to go to tech support. HELP! Thanks for any suggestions. My email is j.griggs100@gmail.com if someone can respond to me.