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    Capturing And Streaming To Twitch

    Ok, contact YouTube about what? I'm guessing the issue with the quality of the video. But what about my problem with live streaming?
  2. I've been trying to capture my gameplay with the Roxio HD PRO and when I play it back on Windows Player, Quicktime, etc. the quality is great, but when I upload it to Youtube the quality suddenly goes to 480p when it specifically said I was capturing it on HD 720p. I got one video up to Youtube that was HD, but I had to use another software to convert it to HD (Roxio Creater NXT PRO). If it says I'm capturing it in HD, why the hell do I have convert it for it to work? I can't find the first installation disc for the Creater NXT PRO so I'm stuck with the 480p quality and I would really like some assistance. I've been trying to reach customer support for two days, and I've used multiple numbers the product and this website keeps on telling me to call and I haven't been able to reach anybody, so I'm forced to ask for help by forums. It's starting to seriously *^$$ me off that it seems Roxio has no intention whatesoever to help their customers. LET ME TALK TO SOMEONE!! So voting that I can't upload anything to Youtube because it looks like it was captured with a potato, I tried to live stream to Twitch. I've never used Twitch before let alone stream. The video tutorials made it seem like it was pretty easy so I figured, why not give it a try? Low and behold that when I try to stream it's a complete disaster. So I open the Roxio software and click on 'Capture', I'm already signed in to my Justin.tv account so I then click on 'Live Stream', Google Chrome opens a tab on my account on Twitch and shows the Twitch Stream player. The Player then tells me it uploading the data and loading video, aaaand then nothing, just a grey screen playing nothing. So then I go back to the Roxio player to see if it's still streaming anything, and then I find out that it's frozen and not responding, so then I have to close the window and going around in circles performing the same steps over and over again with no positive results. If you can please, please help me figure out what's going on I would GREATLY appreciate it.